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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Test and Keep a Samsung Galaxy S IV 2013 - USA only

Samsung Galaxy SIV Logo
Samsung Galaxy SIV Logo

· Did you know that iPhone 5 and previous versions use Samsung electronic parts, like Retina Dispaly screen and Flash memory in their smartphones?

· Did you know that Smaung Galaxy SIV has more performance than iPhone 5 and cost less?

· Did you know that Apple copied old Braun designs in their computers line, iPod and iPhones?

· Did you know that the Apple's patents are as stupid as making a finger movement touching the screen? 

· Did you know that you couldn't use your old music in your iPhone or iPod if is not purchased throught iTunes?

· Did you know that 60% of smartphones in the world are Android? And in Spain is on 90% android devices?

Now, I would like to know what is your choice?

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